On-premise and cloud enterprise architecture, business data analysis, Java and Node.js development

Enterprise Architecture

I'm working as an enterprise architect and IT adviser for small to multinational companies. I particularly excel in the mixed on-premise and cloud architectures using a variety of development, deployment and scaling techniques and methodologies.
Included in this service:

  • architectural concept explanation to both business and IT
  • coaching teams on methodologies
  • proof of concepts and code samples to help development teams

Project Architecture and Technical Lead

I can also provide more narrowly scoped and usually more detailed architecture for specific projects and provide a technical lead role when coaching younger members is the most important.

Business data analisys

A key aspect of information technology is to have people agree on the "information". A company wide IT can only be efficient if everybody refer to common concepts and share a common understanding of what the data means. This is not only true across business units but also between business units and IT. I can help companies to review the concepts and data already available and to identify what data is required to carry the business. Speaking fluently four languages (fr,nl,en,es), makes it a lot easier to communicate in large or multinational companies.

Web development

Next to the enterprise and software architect role, I believe it is important to keep in touch with the practical aspect of developing software, not only through proof of concepts but also with end-to-end development. Therefore, I also do web development, mainly backend systems in Node.js, Java or Python but also front-ends with React.js. Web-design can be provided by partnering with specialized companies.